Monday , 23 April 2018

Top 10 Hollywood Movies


Top 10 Hollywood Movies is providing all top 10 hollywood movies. Our purpose to entertain the vistors and provide all information about Top10 latest movies. Which movies have being top-up in worldwide blockbuster. In “The Artist (2011)” which is the 1st movie in top 10, Jean Dujardin has perform as a George Valentin. Top 2nd movie in top 10 “300 (2006) ” in which Gerard Butler as Leonidas, King of Sparta. 3rd movie in top 10 “Schindler’s List (1993)” superstar Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler. 4th movie in top 10 “Sherlock Holmes (2009)” in which Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes. “The King’s Speech (2010)” is on 5th number in top 10 list in which Colin Firth work as King George VI. Johnny Depp appear in “Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)” as a Jack Sparrow. This movie is the top 6th in top list. 7th movie in top 10 “The Help (2011)” superstar Emma Stone as Skeeter Phelan. “Saving Private Ryan (1998)” is on 8th number in top 10 list in which Tom Hanks work as Captain Miller. Daniel Craig appear in “Casino Royale (2006)” as a James Bond. This movie is the top 9th in top list. Top 10th movie in top 10 “Live Free or Die Hard (2007)” in which Bruce Willis as John McClane.

Top 10 Hollywood Movies The Artist poster

1. The Artist (2011)

Top 10 Hollywood Movies 2011. The Artist is a 2011 French rom-com dramatization in the style of a highly contrasting quiet film. It was composed, controlled, and co-altered by Michel Hazanavicius, delivered by Thomas Langmann and featured Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. The story happens in Hollywood, somewhere around 1927 and 1932, and concentrates on the relationship of a more established noiseless film star and a climbing adolescent performing artist as noiseless silver screen drops out of design and is supplanted by the “talkies.

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