Wednesday , 22 August 2018

Most Beautiful Flowers




Orchids are beautiful and delicate. The orchid is easily noticeable from other plants  in the wild by its very distinguishable and unique flower, which comes in many colours and sizes.

Peru, Monkey Face Orchid

Orchids are excellent and sensitive blooms with around 890 classes and 250000 unique species, 4 times more than mammals.

Hooker’s Lips ,Psychotria Elata

The world’s richest diversity of orchid genera and species is found in the tropics, but they are also found above the Arctic Circle.

Flying Duck Orchid ORCHIDS

Orchids are known for the many structural variations in their flowers.
Orchids of all types have often been sought by collectors of both species and hybrids.
Many hundreds of societies and clubs worldwide have been established.
The dried seed pods of one orchid genus, Vanilla (especially Vanilla planifolia), are commercially important as a flavouring in baking, for perfume manufacture and aromatherapy.

Sky Blue Sun Orchid

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